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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Nabarun G.
    Phuhaar fragrance is not the same

    I have recently purchased alot of perfumes like Phuhaar, Kaadambari, Smriti, Hasrat-e-Oudh, Jashn-E-Oudh, Sangeet, Madhosh etc etc.
    I have been using Phuhaar for past 4-5 years now, but in my recent purchase I experienced that the pure fragrance of Phuahaar has changed alot, specially in the leaving note, it smells like soap and uts short lasting also. Previously the smell of Phuhaar lasted a minimum of 6-7 hrs on skin, but now it vanishes within 3hrs, and most importantly it doesnt smell like it used to, its not as strong as before

    Kshitij P.
    Simply mind blowing

    Sugandhco is not only a perfume shop. Its a magic blend with love. whether you are party person or office regular. the magnificent fragrance will make your day beautiful.

    cheers to the team…!!!

    Shalini Joseph
    Best perfume

    Didn’t like it much

    Shalini Joseph
    Best perfume 😍

    Best ever fragrance but since a long its out of stock. Please i need 🙏 this urgently. I request the supplier to remind me whenever it's available. Please provide me as soon as possible 🙏
    Thanks for your concern 😟

    Shalini Joseph
    Best perfume 😍0

    Since a long it's unavailable 😪 please provide it soon it's my humble request to you. Please remind me whenever it's available 🙏