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    The word ‘perfume’ comes from two Latin words per, meaning through’ and fume meaning ‘smoke. This suggests one early way of creating a sweet smell was by burning fragrant woods.

    Perfumes have certainly been used for thousands of years. Early perfumes were chiefly made of scented resins, balsams, leafs, spices and the woods of certain trees.

    In the recent past, the perfumes were popularized during the reign of King Harshavardhan and later on, during the reign of the Mughal Emperors. The credit for patronizing and popularizing the perfumery in Lucknow goes to the Nawabs of Oudh, particularly to Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. Fragrances have always been an important part of the cultural life of Oudh.

    It was in 1850's when Mr. Chhunnamal Vijayvergiya took the initiative of starting a perfumery business, that would reach the masses. This initiative took its modern shape in 1980 and SUGANDHCO was born. The main aim was to serve by spreading the fragrance all over.

    SUGANDHCO combined traditional knowledge and modern trends giving a new dimension to the world of perfumery. The fragrances, thus created, were of high standards and quality.

    SUGANDHCO also introduced many new and innovative fragrance concepts like Cooler Perfumes, Floor Fragrance etc. The consumers of SUGANDHCO's fragrant specialties and it's admirers are spread all over the globe.

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