About us

It was in 1850's when Mr. Chhunnamal Vijayvergiya took the initiative of starting a perfumery business, that would reach the masses. This initiative took its modern shape in 1980 and SUGANDHCO was born.

Our main aim is to serve by spreading the fragrance, all over. SUGANDHCO combines the traditional knowledge and modern trends to give an all new dimension to the World of Perfumery. The fragrances thus created, are of the highest standards and quality.

SUGANDHCO is also the pioneer to introduce concepts like Cooler Perfume, Floor Fragrance etc.

The consumer of SUGANDHCO's fragrant specialities and their admirers are spread all over the globe.

Member of professional bodies like: EPCH | FAFAI | EOAI | CHEMEXCIL | AIAMA | ACOC etc.