Introducing Premium Scented Soy Wax Candles. To know more click here.
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    Aroma Candles

    SUGANDHCO introduces a new range of Premium Scented Soy Wax Candles - Soak in a delightful ambience of soothing aroma and candlelight.

    These candles are made with pure soy wax, which means they last longer and burn cleaner than petroleum-based paraffin candles, along with high-impact SUGANDHCO fragrance oils they blended to perfection to ensure the fragrance is carried to every corner of your room. These candles are also phthalate and parabens free, and the wick is free from lead.

    Available in 4 all-time favourite fragrances: Relaxing Lavender, Desi Gulab, Garland of Jasmine and Refreshing Lemongrass.

    More fragrances coming soon.