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    Feminine Fragrances

    The scent of a woman is her personality, the key to her sensuality. A perfume, just like a woman’s outfit is a weapon she deploys in order to distinguish her from others. The choice of perfume will indicate the stature of the woman who uses it; whether she is luxurious, chirpy, adventurous etc. Perfume is a statement of fashion and style.

    Seasonal Suggestions: Hayaa, Sahar & Samaa

     Fragrance Type Description
    Ada Fruity Exotic blend of Jasmine, Rose and Watermelon
    Nazakat Floral String floral blend of Jasmine with trendy fruity notes
    Sahar Woody Fresheness of Morning dew, Rose and Sandalwood
    Hayaa Citrus Passionate floral blend of Rose, enriched with fresh Citrus notes.
    Gajra Floral Majestic scent of moist Jasmine buds
    Samaa Sweet Sweet and floral accord of Vanilla and Amber
    Ulfat Fruity Romantic blend of Rose with Plum and Peach

    Hawa F

    Musky Scent for the powerful women. Blend of Musk and Woods.


    Floral Magic of Jasmine blended with Nargis and Pineapple


    Spicy Soft woody fragrance enhanced with Rose and Clove