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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    it's not the old Naira!

    the bottle I received has a different packaging now, and it says Naira but it doesn't smell like it at all!! have been using it for 2+ years now I'm so sad 😭😭

    It's nice fragrance

    When it will come into the stock from sep 2023, it out of stock, kabhi jindagi me stock me ayega bhi ki nhi ayega , nhi rkh pate ho stock me toh hata do stock se ise bhi

    Fenella Ann de'Souza
    Satisfactorily average!

    I had tried this perfume so as to know for myself about its performance but it didn't quite come across as the reviews stated!
    It is not that fragrance which stays around you like a cloud .... It fades.
    I've tried almost all of the feminine perfumes and this just didn't make it to the ones that are my all-time favourite - Ada, Samaa, Sahar and Smriti!
    Apart from these, nothing else delights the olfactory senses!


    Why is it out of stock?????

    Priyanka Wali
    Warm, Delectable & Yum!

    I have bought dozens of perfumes from their entire range but Naira is my absolute favourite. I always layer it with other perfumes, to create a signature scent, and it performs like a beast; lasts forever. This sweet gourmand fragrance is a compliment fetcher. Each time I wear it, I receive sure-shot compliments everywhere and get asked about it. Don’t think twice. It’s value for money, a great gifting option, and can put any famous branded perfume to shame and envy. Must have!